20 Business Gifts for Under $100

20 Business Gifts for Under 100 Dollars

If you have a handful of people on your business’s gift list this year, you may not be able to spend more than $100 on each one. But there are plenty of options out there for affordable business gifts.

2018 Business Gifts for Under 100 Dollars

If you’re looking to stick to a budget of $100 or less, here are 20 business gift ideas to consider.

Luxury Fountain Pen

20 Business Gifts for Under 100 Dollars - Luxury Fountain Pen

A pen is a very classic gift that is very appropriate for a professional setting. This fountain pen is made with metallic silver for a luxurious look. It also comes in a number of other colors if you want to switch it up. 20&keywords=pen

Metal Globe

20 Business Gifts for Under 100 Dollars - Metal Globe

For a more modern twist on a traditional globe decoration, this metal version could make for a great desk ornament or a unique piece of home decor for someone on your list.

Desk Name Plate

20 Business Gifts for Under 100 Dollars - Desk Name Plate

Help members of your team personalize their office and add a professional touch to their desk with this personalized name plate that is engraved and also includes a slot for business cards.

Fire TV Stick

20 Business Gifts for Under 100 Dollars - Fire TV Stick

For any TV enthusiasts on your list, Amazon’s Fire Stick TV could make for a great gift. This option also comes with Alexa voice controls for easy touch-free use.


20 Business Gifts for Under 100 Dollars - Cooler/Warmer

More than your basic cooler, this clever contraption can help you keep drinks and snacks cold for a picnic or even keep hot dishes warm on the way to a potluck or holiday party.


20 Business Gifts for Under 100 Dollars - ClassPass

Encourage healthy habits among your team or others on your list by purchasing a ClassPass gift card for $50 or $100. The company works with fitness studios in 39 cities around the country and recipients can use it to sign up for whatever classes most appeal to them.


20 Business Gifts for Under 100 Dollars - Stylus

If you need gifts for graphic designers or any tech enthusiasts, consider a stylus pen. This one is made for touch screen devices so drawing or writing on a tablet or mobile device is simple.


20 Business Gifts for Under 100 Dollars - Doormat

This handwoven doormat could be a great addition to a home or office. There are several different colors and designs to choose from if you’d like to purchase them for multiple people.


20 Business Gifts for Under 100 Dollars - Smartwatch

Though the higher end smartwatches mainly fall above the $100 price point, there are a few options out there that could fit within your budget. This option includes a fitness tracker and a number of other useful features.


20 Business Gifts for Under 100 Dollars - Juicer

Have any health enthusiasts on your shopping list? Help them enjoy a daily green juice or other healthy beverages at home with this affordable juicer device.


20 Business Gifts for Under 100 Dollars - Hammock

If anyone on your list is an adventurer or outdoor enthusiast, you could get them this portable hammock that they can set up anywhere, whether it’s along a hiking trail or in their own backyard.

Instax Mini

20 Business Gifts for Under 100 Dollars - Instax Mini

A fun gift that can also help people save photos and memories, this instant camera prints of mini Polaroid-like photos that people can save or display around their home or office.

Wood Sunglasses

20 Business Gifts for Under 100 Dollars - Wood Sunglasses

Remind your coworkers or clients of warm, sunny days with these unique sunglasses. They’re made of bamboo and can work for either men or women.

Essential Oil Diffuser

20 Business Gifts for Under 100 Dollars - Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers let users change up the fragrance of their home or office easily while also enjoying some health and aromatherapy benefits. This one also comes with a sample of essential oils.

Bar Cart

20 Business Gifts for Under 100 Dollars - Bar Cart

If you’re looking for a gift that makes a big statement for under $100, this bar cart could be a great addition to any home or office. Your recipient could use it for drinks, decor or even office supplies.

Ceramic Plant Stand

20 Business Gifts for Under 100 Dollars - Ceramic Plant Stand

This plant stand is a practical gift for any green thumbs on your list. And it also can be a very unique piece of home or office decor.

Astronaut Slippers

20 Business Gifts for Under 100 Dollars - Astronaut Slippers

A silly gift that’s still fairly practical, these cozy slippers are made to look like astronaut boots. They’re perfect for any space or science enthusiasts on your list who also have a good sense of humor.

French Press

20 Business Gifts for Under 100 Dollars - French Press

For the coffee lovers on your list, this stainless steel French press provides a great way to enjoy a morning brew. It also has a modern design that’s sure to appeal to any of your professional contacts.

Echo Auto

20 Business Gifts for Under 100 Dollars - Echo Auto

Some people on your list are probably so connected already that it’s hard to find a new piece of tech for them. But Amazon recently released an automotive version of its Echo voice assistant, so they can stay connected even on the road.

Dutch Oven

20 Business Gifts for Under 100 Dollars - Dutch Oven

For any cooks or people on your list who love entertaining, this dutch oven is a popular kitchen staple. It could also be a great gift for anyone who recently moved into a new place.

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    As a tea enthusiast, writing on my first forthcoming book on tea, I would like to have the artisanal tea brewing kit. The small garden lab sounds nice too.

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