Smartdesk Brand Autonomous Introduces Customizable ErgoChair

You probably spend a lot of time sitting in front of your computer. You can improve the experience with the affordable ErgoChair from Autonomous.

Whether you are at home or work, a company already famous for revolutionizing the desk may change the way you sit as well. The ErgoChair from Autonomous may change the way people sit at their desks or at their computers forever. That is, if it can do all the things its designers say it can.

There is no question there are some great chairs with impressive engineering and ergonomic features, but they are also very expensive. For small businesses, these chairs are, in most cases, out of the question.

The Affordable ErgoChair from Autonomous

The ErgoChair comes in at $199 plus shipping and handling with features of its own that are quite impressive for the price.

The ErgoChair is ergonomically designed to distribute your weight evenly with customizable features, accoording to the company.

The chair has breathable fabric and molded foam seat with gas lift tested to 330 pounds. The seat can be raised up or down and slide forward and backwards on a wide five-wheel base. This flexibility also extends to the armrest, which can move left, right, up or down as well as forward and backwards.

You can also adjust the tilt tension. When you find the right setting, you can lock the position for the best support, the company explains. The lumbar system is a patented adjustable design with the right amount of support for your entire back, which extends to the neck headrest. The headrest can be lowered or raised and tilts up to 45 degrees back.

Autonomous, which also makes an affordable smart standing desk, was established to bring Artificial Intelligence (AI) to every day products that are affordable and feature quality build. The company stands by its products so much, it will let you try out the ErgoChair for 30 days. And if you don’t like it, Autonomous says it will pick the chair up and give you a full refund.

Image: Autonomous

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