Loyal Customers Aren’t Happy About Changes to an Iconic Candy Bar (Watch)

Change is coming — to Toblerone candy bars, that is.

The iconic Swiss chocolate bars in the U.K. are getting a makeover due to the rising cost of ingredients. So instead of passing along that cost to customers, Toblerone decided to add longer gaps between those triangles of chocolate, honey and almond nougat.

But loyal U.K. customers aren’t happy. Some think the company should just keep the original design but make the bars shorter. And others have even started blaming Brexit for the rising cost of ingredients, though the company has said that wasn’t a factor.

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Iconic brands like Toblerone that offer cornerstone products consumers have come to know and love are faced with difficult decisions when they have to cut costs. Not only do they have to choose between cutting down on the product or raising the cost. They also have to deal with those customers who aren’t going to be happy with any kind of change.

Consider How Changes Will Clash with the Expectations of Loyal Customers

Having loyal customers certainly isn’t a bad thing for businesses. But it does come with expectations. You may have to make changes in your business. But if so, try to find a way to keep at least most of those loyal customers happy.

Toblerone image via Shutterstock

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  1. The problem is that toblerone is known for their design and minor changes to it will make their customers take notice. This is bad.