Clever Holiday Gift Ideas for Employees

Clever Holiday Gift Ideas for Employees

If you need to buy some holiday gifts for your team, you don’t have to settle for standard items. There are plenty of clever and unique options out there that can really appeal to your team members. Here are 20 clever employee gift ideas to consider.


20 Holiday Gift Ideas for Employees

Big Personality Desk Signs

Holiday Gift Ideas for Employees - Big Personality Desk Signs

Desk signs can be common sights around many offices. But for a more lighthearted take, consider these funny desk signs to share with your employees as gifts.

Coffee of the Month Box

Holiday Gift Ideas for Employees - Coffee of the Month Box

You’re likely to have plenty of coffee lovers on your staff. For a unique gift idea that satisfies their caffeine cravings, consider getting them a few months subscription to a coffee of the month box like BeanBox.

Hot Chocolate Canister

Holiday Gift Ideas for Employees - Hot Chocolate Canister

Or for those employees who don’t drink coffee, you could instead gift them another hot beverage like hot chocolate. This hot chocolate canister from Godiva is a simple but professional choice.

Smartphone Projector

Holiday Gift Ideas for Employees - Smartphone Projector

For those who watch video or want to show of photos from their smartphones, a smartphone projector can be a handy little gadget. So you can get them as gifts for anyone on your team with a compatible device.

Bar Tools Set

Holiday Gift Ideas for Employees - Bar Tools Set

If you have any amateur bartenders or cocktail enthusiasts on your team, a set of bar tools can make for a great gift. This monogrammed set can even be personalized with the recipient’s initials.

Coloring Book

Holiday Gift Ideas for Employees - Coloring BookColoring books aren’t just for kids anymore. In fact, they can actually help adults relieve stress, so getting some as employee gifts can be really beneficial.

Laptop Keyboard Skin

Holiday Gift Ideas for Employees - Laptop Keyboard Skin

If your team uses their own laptops to work, you could get them a gift that helps make those laptops a little more fun and customizable. Laptop keyboard skins come in a variety of colors and help customize and protect laptop keyboards.

Coaster Set

Holiday Gift Ideas for Employees - Coaster Set

Coasters can make a great simple gift for your team, especially if you need to stick to a tight budget. These tree bark coasters can be a great addition to any desk or home décor.

Scented Candle

Holiday Gift Ideas for Employees - Scented Candle

Scented candles are pretty standard gifts. But if you find a unique scent or design, you can give them as gifts to your employees that really stand out.

Wines That Rock

Holiday Gift Ideas for Employees - Wines That Rock

Wine can make a great gift for a variety of recipients. But if you want to get something a little more fun and unique, consider a specialty label like these wines that were crafted around legendary rock albums.

Waterproof Phone Case

Holiday Gift Ideas for Employees - Waterproof Phone Case

If you have any frequent travelers or adventurers on your staff, a waterproof phone case is essential. So you can purchase those cases in various colors and for various types of devices.

Cosmic Exploration Chart

Holiday Gift Ideas for Employees - Cosmic Exploration Chart

If you have any space or science enthusiasts on your staff, you can get them a decorative chart that they can use to decorate their home or office.

Holiday Desk Calendar

Holiday Gift Ideas for Employees - Holiday Desk Calendar

Every desk needs a calendar. So calendars can make great gifts for your team. This holiday calendar can help your team members find something new to celebrate each day.

Personalized Mug

Holiday Gift Ideas for Employees - Personalized Mug

If you want to give your team members a funny gift that’s still something they can use every day, there are plenty of cute and funny mugs to choose from. This prescription coffee mug is perfect for any coffee enthusiast in your office and can be personalized as well.

Smartphone Tripod

Holiday Gift Ideas for Employees - Smartphone Tripod

For any smartphone photographers or videographers on your gift list, a smartphone tripod can be a handy item. This model can work with a variety of different devices and adjust to different positions as well.

Holiday Plates

Holiday Gift Ideas for Employees - Holiday Plates

You can also get your team members some gifts that show off the holiday spirit. These holiday plates can work for holiday entertaining but still go with a variety of different décor styles.

Camera Bag

Holiday Gift Ideas for Employees - Camera Bag

Photographers, travelers, or anyone with a nice camera that they often carry around could likely use a nice camera bag. So a simple yet professional bag like this one can make a great employee gift.

Funny Socks

Holiday Gift Ideas for Employees - Funny Socks

Socks can make for a funny and inexpensive gift for team members. You can find them in many different styles and patterns to go with the different personalities of your team members.


Holiday Gift Ideas for Employees - PlannerPlanners can be really helpful for managing everyday tasks. So they can also make great gifts for your team. And you can find a variety of different designs to appeal to all your different team members.

Desktop Globe

Holiday Gift Ideas for Employees - Desktop Globe

If you have any travelers on your gift list, a globe can make for a great office or home decoration. So you can buy them a simple desktop globe like this one from World Market.

Editor’s Note: For a look at 2015’s picks see Wow Your Staff with These Clever Employee Gift Ideas.

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  1. Hi Annie,

    Great selection of gifts. I especially like anything tech–like the keyboard skin. Companies can also help pay down student loan debt or contribute to college savings using a Gift Card. You can find them now in ToysRUs stores or buy them online.

    It’s a not only a thoughtful gift for the holiday but a great way to show support in helping millennials pay down their crushing college debt.

    Happy Holidays,

  2. Thank you for sharing these wonderful gift ideas for employees. All great suggestions, I would like to add that employees may also benefit from gifts that help them relax and unwind after a long hard working year, such as aromatherapy gifts; instead of a scented candle consider an aromatherapy soy candle infused with natural essential oils such as Lavender or Sage and Chamomile or Jasmine. Essential oils can have a positive effect on ones wellbeing unlike synthetically fragranced candles which smell nice but have little to no affect on your mood or wellbeing. Additional gift ideas to consider would be spa gift baskets or tea gifts. Tea is also known to have a relaxing and calming effect.

  3. Martin Lindeskog

    Annie: How about the employee who likes tea? 😉

  4. While I am generally not in favor of gifting in the office as it can raise expectations, I still think that business owners should reward employees in this season.

  5. Thanks for this. Struggling with some ideas for employees and clients. It’s just not a place I like to channel my creativity. I’d rather spend that for my client’s projects.

    So while I am busy helping them with their plans…thanks for helping with mine!

  6. It is important to give gifts that are cheap but can be used by your employees.

  7. These are really nice ideas. I may use one or two for my employees.

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