Top 10 Holiday Travel Tips (Video)

By the time the holiday season rolls around, most folks are ready for a vacation. This is especially true for small business owners who wear multiple hats and get little time off during the year.

Unfortunately, whether you’re staying close to home or flying to an international destination across the sea, travel can be stressful, especially when you’re already on edge and desperate to relax.

Well never fear. Because the 10 holiday travel tips in the video above will help you prepare for, pack for, and generally make your time away enjoyable and stress-free.

More Than Mere Holiday Travel Tips, These are Holiday Travel Hacks

What’s the difference, you ask? Well a tip is a well-known piece of advice that can help you get something done while a hack is a less well known approach to the same problem. Sometimes a hack can also dramatically improve the way you get something done.

While you may know one or two of the hacks in the video above, you’re bound to find a number that you’ve never come across. You’ll find tips that will help you:

  • Prepare for things such as shopping in another country and even the theft or loss of your most important travel documents;
  • Pack smarter with tips on how to protect, organize and consolidate your items;
  • Handle connectivity issues on the road such as running low on data or needing directions when you can’t get a signal; and
  • Charge your phone when you’ve forgotten your outlet connector and protect your phone when you’re around water.

So, get ready for holiday travel with the tips in the video above and remember, the goal is to relax! So try not to sweat over the little things.

Safe travels and, happy holidays!

Make sure to also check out the full list of 31 travel hacks for stress free, enjoyable journeys.

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  1. Also, book everything early. It is the holidays after all. You don’t want to suddenly become stuck just because of the Christmas rush.