Those “I Voted” Stickers Offer a Small But Powerful Business Lesson (Watch)

Go on any social media platform on Election Day and you’re likely to see plenty of photos of “I Voted” stickers.

But even though it’s just a small token for people casting their ballots, those stickers aren’t free. So some cities have been ditching the practice in recent years.

But social media platforms like Facebook jumped in to offer virtual stickers that people could share with their networks online to show that they voted. According to the site, the feature encouraged an extra 340,000 people to vote during a mid-term election year.

And Facebook isn’t the only place where people like to show off their civic involvement. Many voters have also tweeted about their visits to the polls. But even though they can share on social media, those posters still seem to want that elusive “I Voted” sticker as well.

So basically, even though most people understand the importance of voting and the impact their votes can potentially have, they still want a separate reward and a way to show off their involvement.

The Power of Making Customers Feel Included

Making people feel included can be a powerful marketing tool, both for civic involvement and for businesses. So even if you’ve already outlined great reasons why people should support your business, think about if there’s a small thing you can add that would make them feel included or rewarded for doing business with you.

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