These Origami Elephants Are a Visual Representation of a Much Larger Problem (Watch)

The Wildlife Conservation Society is using origami to try and save elephants from poaching.

While folded paper might not seem like an especially effective way to stop poachers, the first step in the process has to be getting more people to care about the problem. So the group started its Ninety-Six Elephants Campaign to draw attention to just how big the elephant poaching problem is. In fact, it’s expected that more than 78,000 elephants will die in the next two years from poaching and the ivory trade if people do nothing to step in.

So the campaign set out to create a visual representation of all those elephants in origami to illustrate the issue’s scope. And it ended up breaking the Guinness World Record for largest display of origami elephants.

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An Example of Visual Communications at Work

Of course, origami alone isn’t going to save the elephants. But it can be a big part of the solution if it helps people really understand what is going on. When more people get involved, that improves the chances of real, effective action being taken. And powerful visuals can be a great way for businesses and organizations like the Wildlife Conservation Society to really get a point across.

Image: Wildlife Conservation Society

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  1. Visuals used to be optional. But as the Internet evolved, it became more visual. This is the reason why social networks like Instagram and Snapchat has become so popular. It is the visual element. And now, YouTube is also gaining some popularity.