Robots Can Solve Rubik’s Cubes, Other Business Problems (Watch)

If you blink, you might miss this robot solving a Rubik’s Cube at world record pace. That’s right! Infineon Technologies’ Sub1 Reloaded robot can solve an entire Rubik’s Cube in 0.637 seconds. That’s so fast that the human eye can’t even see each movement.

Sub1 Reloaded just set the new world record for fastest solve by a robot, beating a record set by an earlier version of the same machine. And both records are much faster than even the quickest human times.

So what does this Rubik’s Cube solving robot have to do with businesses? While this specific machine might not exhibit the most practical of skills, it does demonstrate the power and efficiency of robots.

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Are Robots Replacing Human Workers?

Businesses are constantly finding new ways to use robots and innovative technology to get more done in less time. That doesn’t make human workers obsolete. Of course, humans had to first figure out how to solve Rubik’s cubes so that they could program these machines to do the task at a high rate of speed.

But if you have the right technology on your side, you can cut down on those time consuming tasks and leave some of the real problem solving and creative work to your team.

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  1. These robots are just getting smarter and smarter as time passes. I think that a time will come when it will be available to the public.