Forget Cups or Pens, The Next Big Promotional Item? Smartphone Coasters!

Forget Cups or Pens, The Next Big Promotional Item? The Smartphone Coaster Stand!

Though not the very first smartphone stand in the market, the new smartphone coaster by NewPCGadgets is sure going to turn lots of heads.

A Look at the Smartphone Coaster Stand

The new smartphone coaster, made off clear acrylic surface, allows you to engrave your company’s name or logo for visibility. “Instead of the same old boring promotional products, Smartphone Coasters are a new and unique, high-end promotional smartphone phone stand,” says NewPCGadgets in a press release. “Join dozens of companies like the Ritz-Carlton, T-Mobile, Microsoft and Aetna Health that have given Smartphone Coasters to their clients and customers as a promotional giveaway.”

The coasters are seemingly designed to hold almost all types of smartphones at a comfortable viewing angle. According to NewPCGadgets, the coasters can be used in hotel lobbies, restaurant bars, corporate conference rooms, home office, retailers, trade-shows and bars. They are also good space savers.

The company also adds that large hotels like The Ritz-Carlton, MGM Grand, Wyndham and Mirage are already using the coasters in their restaurants, conference centers and as promotional giveaways to preferred customers.

As we head into the holiday season, the coasters will probably be a good item to giveaway to your customers. The company says that the minimum orders for customized coasters start as low as 75 units with prices ranging from $4.95 to $5.95 each, depending on quantity. The price might appear to be a little bit high if you are to give them away to customers purchasing few low-cost items, but it would probably make much more sense if given to corporate clients.

More so, given their use, the coasters will most likely be appropriate for a restaurant or bar use than in-home dinner tables unless you want your teens to completely ignore vital family conversations during dinner.

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  1. What I’d love to see is a smartphone coaster like that, but it disables the phone from getting notifications. So you put your phone on the coaster and it stops interrupting your conversation.

  2. These would be great for the hospitality industry, like bars and restaurants. I would think a high-end bar would love these for their customers.