We’ve collected these social media statistics for small businesses from a variety of sources.

Last updated: November 20, 2016








Bottom Line

As the statistics above show, social media continues to be one of the top reasons people head online. In addition, a growing number of users now socialize, get news, or just play around on the go using social apps on their mobile devices.

With 2017 just around the corner, you have to wonder, what will the social media statistics look like next year? Which network will be on top and which will fall off the list? If the history of these sites has told us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected.

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  1. When you see these stats all I can think is “Wow!” Social media was supposed to be a fad, but the staying power and growth has been something to behold.

  2. I’m not really surprised by these numbers. Social media really is just the evolution of the internet. I wish there were some cool infographics to go along with the article though.

  3. This is really interesting. I would love to see these in an infographic to make it even more interesting to read.

  4. I’ve noticed a typo – there are 1.18 billion daily users of Facebook, not 18 billion (there aren’t even 18 billion people in the world!). Apart from that this is really interesting.

  5. Great post. If you want an infographic try to make one yourself – that is why this networking is so cool. And if you are not really creative try it anyway you might be surprised that people like it!

  6. Great article! I wonder if there will ever be a fall of social media??

  7. Thanks for the information when you learn to use Social Media,you can’t go wrong that’s why Trump worn the American presidential Vote…………he mostly used WHY and Clinton was using Who.if you start using that strategy there more prospects,business partners you will attract to your Business or buy the product.

    Why are we’re earning Big $$$$$ ,imagine coming from a poor family to Luxury Life

  8. Great info, thanks for compiling all those stats. I liked the gender stat on Pinterest, although I wasn’t surprised at all. I would love to know the gender breakdown of the other channels and may look into that myself.

  9. My business has increased DRAMATICALLY since I started utilizing social media management. Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. This is definitely not a fad this has completely changed my business for the better.

  10. Thank You. The data is overwhelming but very useful. It is cheerful to know that the social media usage is growing at 10% and over 14% in Asia-pacific. The youth are leading the way, naturally. Is there data on what is the kind of information sharing people are interested ? ..this would be interesting to know.

  11. I’m so glad I’ve stopped using social media! Never felt happier. Real life is much more interesting.

  12. Social Media is the New Age of the internet. It defines everything around us. I’m excited to see the big social media mergers.
    Thanks for the post.

  13. Great post.
    If you are not really creative try it anyway you might be surprised that people like your work


  14. Great article

    Thanks for sharing

    At this age social media is necessary in small scale business

  15. Nice post ! Thanks for sharing.

  16. Nice article , thanks for sharing.

  17. Honestly, great contents are here, including the pingback.

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