93 Percent of Veterans Claim Interest in Business Mentoring, Report Says

Many veterans struggle with the transition to civilian life, but they can be a great source of business mentors as they bring leadership skills and more.

Veterans are interested in mentoring civilian employees, a new report has found. And this is just one  reason they make perfect employees for your small business.

According to the America’s Heroes at Work: The Veteran Hiring Report, 93 percent of veterans are willing to serve as a mentor to a civilian employee.

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The study was conducted by iCIMS, a cloud-based talent acquisition solutions company, in collaboration with RecruitMilitary, a veteran hiring firm.

The study also found that men and women who serve the military possess all the qualities employers are looking for in new hires. Their top skills include problem-solving, strong work ethic, adaptability, and working well in a team environment.

Despite having all the skills, veterans are not very interested in applying for or accepting a job offer after leaving the military. For 86 percent of post-9/11 veterans, disappointments with salary and benefits, not believing they have enough education, and negative company reviews are top reasons job seeking is avoided.

Further, 41 percent of veterans believe hiring managers do not understand their military experience, and 37 percent feel hiring managers devalue it.

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“It is evident that there are a disconnect and a lack of understanding between veterans and employers,” said Susan Vitale, chief marketing officer at iCIMS. “Our servicemen and women, who have received some of the most sophisticated training and experience and have made extreme sacrifices for our country, are having trouble gaining job security, stability, and a sense of purpose as civilian workers. By gaining more awareness of the top skills veterans hold, employers will be more equipped to tap into this talent and create mutually beneficial relationships with candidates who have served.”

Evidently, veterans are most comfortable in mentoring civilian employees. That’s because leadership comes naturally to them.

Hiring veterans as consultants to train other workers is therefore a great way for small businesses to leverage their potential.

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