This App Claims to Turn Your Phone into a Tiny Scanner but Does it Measure Up?

The Tiny Scanner Mobile App Claims to Turn Your Phone into a Well, Tiny Scanner, but Does it Measure Up?


The Tiny Scanner mobile app turns Android and iOS devices into portable document scanners. It scans everything as images or PDFs.

The Tiny Scanner mobile app turns your phone into a scanner and saves documents as either a photo or a PDF.

With it you can now easily scan documents, receipts, reports, photos or just about anything. The scanner app is lightning fast and is available for both iOS and Android devices.

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How the Tiny Scanner Mobile App Works

The app only requires a few permissions to access your camera, in-app purchases, wi-Fi connection information and media/photos/files. It’s really easy to use and you can operate it in two ways. You can either scan using the camera or by selecting an image already stored on the device.

Using the camera, you will be asked to choose whether you want to have the flash on or off and you can as well change the page size format.

You also have full control over the output. You have a number of (black, white and grayscale) output to choose from. You can also adjust the contrast using the options displayed on the same page.

Once you are done, click save. You will be provided with a sharing button.

The application supports a number of cloud hosting platforms like OneDrive, Evernote and Dropbox. They are, however, only available to Pro users. 

All PDF documents created by the app are available on the program’s interface. You can also find them under TinyScan > Documents or open them directly using a file explorer.


The settings allow you to make the changes to the default preferences. You may change the process (black and white, color, grayscale, photo, last filter) and the default page size, for instance.

The app allows you to add a passcode that protects against unauthorized access. Enable Wi-Fi access to be able to access your documents from other devices, a laptop or PC, for instance.


Tiny Scanner is an excellent portable scanner for both iOS and Android users. The app is loaded with functional features that make document scanning and sharing a breeze. The free version is perfect for both personal and business use.

The Pro version (available for $4.99 on Google Play Store) offers a number of extra features, such as the ability to customize page sizes for PDF export. There are different paper sizes available in the app including A4, Legal (8.5×14), Letter (8.5×11) and many more.

Another great feature available on the Pro version is an intuitive folder system that organizes digital files. The app allows you to also create multiple files where you can save scanned documents. You can use its powerful search features to quickly find any document too.

Image: TinyScanner


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9 Reactions
  1. There are no instructions on how to forward a document after scanning it and the website is of no help.

  2. After you scan, there’s an icon on the bottom right to transmit. Pushing it takes you to a variety of choices for sending.

  3. How can I know for sure my docs were sent?

  4. Are the scanned files stored on the iPhone or remotely?
    I inadvertently deleted all my files. It seemed as if i had combined them into one large doc but when I was managed to see them individually again I thought I was splitting the combined file, instead I deleted them one by one.
    Is it possible to recover the files?
    I tried searching my iPhone backup through iExplorer on a MacBook but cannot find anything.
    Any advice appreciated.

  5. Hi,
    Feedback here: I have shifted from iphone 6 S to iphone 10 but have been unable to transfer my previous tiny scanner pro files to my new phone. Could you pls let me know how I can transfer my old files to the new destination?

  6. Tiny Scanner recently upgraded the APP and some of the functionality was lost. For example: with the old APP you could create a folder with numerous scanned items that could easily be emailed to yourself or someone else as ONE folder. This feature allowed you to maintain a constant naming convention for the items in the folder for future reference. This functionality has been lost because all of the items are not emailed as ONE folder (now the items are all separate). This function should be added.

    I also noticed that when I asked a question of Tiny Scanner the responses are coming from a company in mainland China. Has the ownership of the APP changed? Should we have security concerns about the APP going forward?

  7. I need to send my files encrypted. How do I do that? Or does this app not do encryption?

  8. Where are my docs stored? Can they always be retrieved or is there a chance they could be list forever?

  9. Can I scan colour slides, colour negatives or B & w negatives.

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