UPS and Sealed Air Partner to Provide Cheaper, More Efficient Shipping Solutions for Businesses

UPS and Sealed Air Partner to Provide Cheaper, More Efficient Shipping Solutions for Businesses

Global logistics company UPS (NYSE:UPS) and Sealed Air Inc. (NYSE:SEE), makers of protective packing material Bubble Wrap, recently announced a new partnership. The companies are seeking to create a cheaper and more efficient shipping solutions for retail and eCommerce businesses around the world.

Shipping costs have skyrocketed for manufacturers and retailers over the last few years as carriers like UPS continue to raise their rates and charge by size as well as weight. The strategic partnership between UPS and Sealed Air aims to help retailers, e-tailers and businesses maximize the efficiency of their packaging operations by minimizing packaging waste and reducing annual shipping costs.

“Our partnership with Sealed Air provides a powerful suite of products and services to businesses operating in the booming e-commerce arena, which is expected to grow at three times the rate of GDP,” said Alan Gershenhorn, Chief Commercial Officer at UPS, in a press release announcing the partnership.

Details of the UPS and Sealed Air Partnership

As part of the partnership, the two companies said UPS customers will gain access to additional package engineering expertise and services through Sealed Air’s Packaging Application Centers (PAC). PAC reportedly provides design, testing and packaging performance analysis for customers from 27 global locations.

Additionally, the companies said Sealed Air will participate in UPS’s Customer Technology Program (CTP) and provide packaging systems and materials. CTP is a customer loyalty program that connects small to medium-sized businesses with best-in-class vendors of hardware, software, peripherals – and now packaging – to help them gain efficiencies across their business and enable growth.

“As industries continually strive for increased efficiency and consumer satisfaction, we have the distinct ability to make an impact: on the environment through the elimination of damage and void waste, on cost efficiency by optimizing package dimension, and on customers through an enhanced at-home experience,” said Jerome A. Peribere, President and Chief Executive Officer of Sealed Air.

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  1. It will help. The shipping industry is expanding and it has something to do with the proliferation of online shopping. Having good scured in bubble wraps make it easier to move items around without the danger of it breaking or losing shape.