10 Tips for Keeping Up With Business Trends in the New Year

10 Tips for Keeping Up With Business Trends in the New Year

Keeping up with trends is essential for small business owners. If you want to move your business forward in the new year and beyond, you need to be aware of all the latest tools, methods and more. For tips on keeping up with the latest trends in business, check out these tips from members of our small business community.

Keep Up With These Digital Publishing Trends

Digital publishing has gone through many changes in recent years. And for businesses that want to share information online, those changes can be especially important. To learn about some digital publishing trends for 2017, take a look at this State of Digital Publishing post by Vahe Arabian.

Consider These 50 Best Social Media Tools

Social media is likely to continue to be a big part of many marketing strategies in the new year. But if you want to have the most effective strategy, you need the best tools. This Content Marketing Institute post by Aaron Orendorff includes 50 tools from influential online marketers. And BizSugar members comment on the post here.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Sell Your Business

Discover the Zoho Ecosystem

Read These Startup Blogs to Fuel the Entrepreneur in You

If you want to build a successful business, you first need to build your own knowledge base. That’s why this Biz Epic post by Ivan Widjaya suggests several startup and small business blogs for you to read to fuel your entrepreneurial journey.

Check Out These SEO Trends for 2017

SEO is constantly changing. So if you want to have an effective strategy in the new year, you need to be aware of the biggest trends. This Search Engine Journal post by Danny Goodwin includes insights from 44 experts on the biggest trends for the new year.

Get on the Preferred Customer List

If you really want to grow your business in 2017, you shouldn’t only focus on your relationships with customers. You should also consider your relationships with vendors. David Lowbridge discusses how to get on the preferred customer list in this Two Feet Marketing post. And the BizSugar community shares thoughts too.

Plug These Google Analytics Gaps

If you’re trying to grow your blog or website in the new year, you need to be able to measure your progress with analytics. But while Google Analytics is the most popular solution, there are a few gaps that you still need to fill. Brad Smith details a few of them in his Kissmetrics post.

Small Business Deals

Monetize Your Digital Marketing Expertise

If you’re knowledgeable about digital marketing, you can use that expertise to make money for your own business instead of only helping clients. In this Marketing Land post, Stephan Spencer discusses this concept further.

Build Your Expertise and Reputation on LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be a very powerful tool for business owners and professionals. And if you want to get the most out of it, you need to build your expertise and reputation on the platform, as Sarah Santacroce explains in a post on The Savvy Biz Blog. You can also see commentary on the post over on BizSugar.

Start an Email Newsletter to Market Your Business

Email marketing might not be the newest or trendiest marketing method. But it’s a format that has stood the test of time. And in this CorpNet post, Rieva Lesonsky shares how to start an email newsletter to market your business.

Use Email Signatures as Sneaky Calls to Action

Email marketing doesn’t have to be just about your newsletter either. You can actually use your email signature as a sneaky way to market your business, as this post by Itai Elizur on Smallbiztechnology.com explains.

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