Thanks to Technology, We Learned a Lot About Outer Space in 2016 (Watch)

A company can make giant leaps in a short amount of time thanks to technological advances, but only if the business is ready to adapt to new technology.

This year has been a big one for space exploration. In 2016, researchers were able to measure a galaxy that existed 13 billion years ago, finished building the largest space telescope, attached the first inflatable habitat to the International Space Station, concluded that Mercury is likely shrinking and discovered over a thousand new planets.

But all of that activity isn’t likely to slow down anytime soon. Elon Musk also made several announcements this year pertaining to his plans to build a colony on Mars. And more than a half a million people have also signed up to one day live on Asgardia, a new nation-state in space.

What does all this mean for businesses? If you don’t work in the aerospace industry, each item might not be super relevant to your business. But when you look at them together, you’ll see just how much progress researchers and scientists were able to make in just a year.

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In tech-reliant industries like space exploration, a lot can happen in a year due to all the tech advances and discoveries. That means there are constantly new opportunities for businesses to make their mark with innovative technology and creative solutions to problems in these growing fields.

Is Your Business Ready to Adapt to New Technology?

But businesses in those industries also need to be prepared to adapt to new technology and discoveries quickly, as you can see from the past year of space exploration.

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  1. Technology is really evolving at such a fast pace. This is truly the digital age. We have discovered so much not just in space but in various industries as well.