10 Actions Can Catapult Your Brand

What are the keys to building a brand? These tips could help launch your brand into the big time, or at least bigger than it is right now.

Catapult is both a noun, a device to hurl an object and a verb, to hurl or launch (something) in a specified direction. It’s a word that can help us visualize action.

As we all close out one year and ready ourselves to welcome and succeed in a new one, a brand review can catapult us and chart our course.

There are so many aspects of running a small business that we juggle, especially our brand. Our brand is who we are, what we do, how we contribute, educate, help and how others perceive our value. Brand is a somewhat elusive feature that distinguishes one seller’s product and values from those of others.

The blending of our online and in person engagement creates our brand footprint and allows others to come to know and trust us and what we can do to help them.

When you think about tops brands like Apple, Google, Disney and BMW, you know what they stand for. They have helped their public by delivering great products and services consistently in changing times and technology.

They care, they give, they help in good times and bad. They are alive and go through their own cycles. Small business can learn a lot from their example.

These 10 qualities can help catapult your brand over time.

Tips for Building a Brand


Our attitudes toward life, work, institutions and ideas is formed from all of our interactions with them. We know right away that we like, or do not like people and things.

Some attitudes can be changed, tempered and enhanced. I have learned to be more flexible, open minded and curious with all my attitudes. This has led to many unexpected discoveries. “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try real hard, you’ll get what you need”. This amazing idea and lyric has helped me learn acceptance and to always look for the value in whatever situation I am given.

A good attitude in life and business is something that people appreciate and admire. It builds character and solid relationships.


“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet” – Bobby Unser

I grew up in south Florida and went through many hurricanes. The worst thing one can do is to ignore the importance of preparation for the during and after effects of these storms. Candles, food, batteries, coolers, portable radio’s are necessities and without them people are at risk. Preparation is about self discipline, strategic thinking, flexibility and resilience. A realistic preparation plan for the expected and unexpected can make all the difference in the outcome.


When a person is focused on something, they’re paying attention to it. We set personal and professional goals, set the tasks necessary to achieve them and stay focused on completing them. Focus is necessary to deal with distraction, our #1 nemesis today. Successful people manage distraction and stay focused on the process that gets them the outcome. Here are 8 Things That Really Focused People Do.


French philosopher Auguste Comte (1798-1857) formulated a form of empiricism, which he called Positivism or the Positive Philosophy. It was based on the idea that human behavior must obey laws just as strict as Newton’s laws of motion and that if we could discover them, we could eliminate moral evils. Positivism is a philosophy for our human condition. Choosing to look for the silver lining of some of darker, more negative aspects of our lives can show us some unexpected insights and is simply a better, more positive way to live.


People need to be able to count on and believe in what we stand for. We need to be clear on that in our business philosophy. The businesses that we follow and support should provide us with products and services that we need and like along with the values that we admire. Put together a combination of aspects that deliver an experience to be remembered and enthusiastically shared with others.


One of the key things that impacts how a business can evolve and grow is in its ability to tap trends, innovate and initiate change. Companies like Damn Heels, created a foldable, lightweight, flat shoe for slipping on after a night of clubbing in high heels; the Gocyle Electric Bike is a light weight foldable, portable bicycle; nPowerPEG is a portable, on the go phone battery charger. Check out these 10 Most Creative New Business Ideas.


In a recent IBM research study, CEO’s from around the world cited “the rapid escalation of complexity” as the biggest challenge confronting them and their organizations. These same CEO’s identified creativity as “the single most important leadership competency for enterprises seeking a path through this complexity.” Creativity begins with an invitation to solve problems and encourages employees to think outside of the box.  Giving them time and resources to explore new areas for innovative ideas is the key to cost-effective business solutions, not to mention much more fun for employees.


When we think of super heroes, they all have certain super-powers that distinguish them. The Healing factor of Wovlerine, web spinning and wall climbing of Spiderman, super strength of The Incredible Hulk. Here are 51 Facts about the Human Body that prove we have superpowers too. When we learn to identify and harness our emotional, creative and intellectual superpowers and use them for good, is when we can see just how powerful we are and can be. What are your superpowers? Are you using them?


Personal branding requires us to be real and who we say we are and not present ourselves to gain favor without delivering.  The rule here is to engage online and in person and to make sure they match up. The quality of being genuine goes a long way in building relationships that last. Public relations firm Cohn & Wolfe generated a ranking of the most authentic brands in the world polling 12,000 people worldwide.

“Sixty-nine percent of the participants said that how a brand treats and relates to its customers is more important than if the company is ‘clear about its beliefs’.”


This ties in with authenticity. Brands that can show how they feel about their customers, their world view and values makes them real and fosters loyalty. Brands that show kindness in their community and respect and caring for employees have the strongest bonds with their customers.

You can’t sell anything to people if they don’t believe in you. Be kind, generous, helpful, honorable and give back to the community and industry that supports you. These 5 companies are MVP’s when it comes to corporate philanthropy.

Brands come in all sizes, shapes, colors and styles and succeed and fail on the same principles.

Incorporate these qualities and watch your brand catapult and things change for the better.

Are you committed?

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  1. It is important to offer something that other people are not offering – it is your competitive advantage or USP. This is very important if you want to stand out.