Now What? CEO Asks Users How to Improve Twitter

CEO Asked Users How to Improve Twitter

Has the future of Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) come down to this — asking users for ideas on how to grow?

It seems so. On Thursday, Twitter CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey took to the site soliciting ideas for Twitter’s future.

Dorsey is talking about a tweet sent by Airbnb co-founder Brian Chesky on Dec. 26. In that tweet, Chesky essentially asks the same thing.

OK, asking for feedback from users isn’t exactly unheard of, especially in the world of online startups where entrepreneurs see it as a virtue. But this hasn’t exactly been a banner year for Twitter — or couple of years for that matter! .

In fact, his was supposed to be the whole reason for putting Dorsey back at the helm of Twitter permanently.

So, under the #Twitter2017 hashtag, Dorsey shouldn’t have been surprised to see this …

Since Dorsey’s return, Twitter has suffered declining stock prices and declining revenues despite ongoing efforts to monetize the platform. And don’t forget the launch of Twitter Moments unlikely to be of much use to Twitter’s core community of small business entrepreneurs, social influencers and thought leaders.

Then, of course, remember the promised innovations and tweaks that never seemed to come off as announced.  Twitter also allowed Vine to wither and die. Arguably one of its most trendsetting and promising technologies, Vine was shuttered with almost no effort introduce new features or monetize.

Some users were able to get past the company issues and talk about the site and how it works or doesn’t work for them.

The ability to edit tweets is apparently something a lot of users want. One observes:

And this user wants to be able to search tweets that he’s already sent.

What about the 140 character limit? It’s not fair when a link you’re including takes more than half that, as these users observe.

Others suggested small but important tweaks.

It’s also good to know there are Twitter purists out there. But if this version of Twitter is only working for a few users and it’s failing to make money, it seems this user is going to be disappointed in the long run:

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  1. I have closely watched reactions on that tweet by Jack and found some good suggestions. Twitter is still struggling, I wish them all the best in coming year.

    • That’s right, John. It looks like a lot of users actually have good ideas on how to improve Twitter. I’d argue they’ve done so little to the UX that it’s impossible not to improve it. It’d be a shame if this went the way of MySpace (not that I was a big fan) because they couldn’t get it together.

  2. I think Twitter should remove the Twitter follow limit for us serious users! 😉 I have been struggling with this rule for a long time.

    I like the #GoLive feature and that you could see real time NFL games on Twitter.