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Finding new coaching clients can be an uphill task, but it no longer has to be thanks to The all-in-one platform helps coaches to address the unique day-to-day challenges they face when running their own coaching business.

Like all businesses, coaching can be a handful when you have to attract new clients, manage bookings, handle payments and still effectively engage your audience., however, bridges the gap by providing you with a set of tools that you need to coach and still handle all the other areas of your business in an easy manner.

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The platform allows you to hold webinars with up to 5,000 plus attendees. You can as well answer your attendees questions in real-time. Attendees also have an option to request a free private webinar with you immediately after your live webinar. They can as well place an appointment with you using the integrated calendar. As a coach, you can choose to either have the discussions within or outside it. You can also conduct one-to-one coaching sessions within the platform.

The platform also allows you to share your webinars on a number of social media networks. This increases your reach and markets your brand. also makes it absolutely easy for your clients to pay you. The platform has integrated a third-party payment processing tool called Stripe. The tool allows you to seamlessly accept credit and debit card payments from your clients. This can still be done during your live webinar.

The platform also allows your attendees to leave you the much needed feedback that can help you improve your service delivery.

Small Business Deals

The platform is free to use if you only seek to host standard webinars. However, you’ll have to pay $25 per month for the Reach and Grow package, $95 per month for the Engage, Revenue and Coach package and $195 per month if you are looking to harness the internet to scale.

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