CUJO — No, Not the Scary Dog — Protects Your Small Business From Hackers

CUJO Smart Internet Security Firewall Protects Your Small Business From Hackers

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If Cujo, the rabid St. Bernard that arose from writer Stephen King’s imagination, defended firewalls, there wouldn’t be that many hackers around. It’s hard to know what went into naming the new CUJO smart home firewall protection device, but there must have been some Stephen King fans in the group during the process. And they are probably saying their CUJO will be just as rabid and territorial protecting your connected office or home.

This, of course, comes at a time when more of the devices used in your business and at work are getting connected as part of the Internet of Things (IoT). And this connectivity will introduce more attack vector points for hackers of all kinds, which has led some to call it the Internet of Threats.

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CUJO Smart Internet Security Firewall Protects Your Small Business From Hackers

So what can you do as your thermostat, fridge, TV, security system, scale and other consumer electronics and infrastructure get connected? According to the makers of CUJO, you can deploy their device and it will keep your connected business and home safe from cyber threats.

CUJO Smart Internet Security Firewall Protects Your Small Business From Hackers

CUJO is necessary because smart devices in some instances are not protected by antivirus, leaving them vulnerable. CUJO detects and blocks malicious sites and hacks for all of your connected devices, including your PCs.  The company says it defends against hacks and malware with rules based protection and behavior learning. And it secures all connected devices with automatic updates.  CUJO is built with 1GB Ethernet, so it won’t slow down access to your internet.

According to a recent Intel Security International Internet of Things Smart Home Survey , 66 percent of the respondents are very concerned about cyber security, and 77 percent believe smart homes will be as common in 2025 as smartphones are today. This represents a perfect storm for hackers around the world. And. of course, whether your small business is in your home or in an office filled with smart devices, the same scenario applies. And it will require individuals to take security measures into their own hands by installing proactive security measures like CUJO in the near future.

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  1. It is a really helpful post that how to protect a small business from unwanted threaten websites or from hackers. Nowadays, this type of unwanted obligations faces so many businesses so above given tips help us to aware of them.

  2. Hi Michael,
    We are glad we can help. It is quite overwhelming for a small business owner to be aware of all the threat they face, especially in the digital world. But Small Business Trends tries to highlight them, along with the solutions that are available in the market place. Good luck with your business.

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