Dasheroo Gets Second Chance, Announces It Has Been Acquired

On the brink, FreshLime buys Dasheroo, giving the dashboard company a reprieve following its recent shutdown announcement.

In early October this year, web solution Dasheroo, announced that it is closing its doors due to an inability to secure funding or locate a purchaser. The software platform enables users to track key data for overall business analytics, web analytics, marketing, social media and sales from one centralized dashboard,

Well, now the San Francisco-based software analytics company has announced that it found a purchaser and has been acquired.

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“We want to give you a heads up, but an official announcement with more details [on the acquisition] will be made on Tuesday, December 6,” wrote John Hingley, CEO and Co-founder of Dasheroo, in a post announcing the acquisition on the official Dasheroo Blog.

The company that bought Dasharoo, FreshLime, is “one very special company, led by long-term leaders in the small business marketing space,” said Hingley.

“We’ve been watching Dasheroo since they went live in 2015,” FreshLime commented on their blog. “They have built one of the most intuitive, rich small business data analytics dashboards we’ve seen on the market.”

FreshLime Buys Dasheroo – Impact on Users?

So what does this mean for Dasheroo users?

  • Most importantly, dashboards will live on and users will be able to keep tracking important KPIs within Dasheroo!
  • Dasheroo will be a key part of a broader suite of marketing automation and customer retention tools.
  • There’s going to be significant investment to support and grow the Dasheroo product so customers will see more enhancements and new features.
  • For Dasheroo users who were previously on a paid plan prior to September 30, the company will be extending its original promise of free service from December 15 until December 31st, 2016. After that, they’ll resume billing.

Look out for more details on the combined company and Dasheroo’s added product offerings coming soon.

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David William David William is a Staff Writer for Small Business Trends. He covers franchises, brick and mortar businesses, public policy and other small business issues. He is also founding editor of WebWriterSpotlight.

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  1. Great time to buy. Probably got a great price.

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