Here’s a First for Apple – But Not a Good One (Watch)

If you think that one bad customer review can be bad for business, just think about how much a negative review from a trusted authority like Consumer Reports would hurt.

Unfortunately for Apple, the tech giant is about to find out. For the first time ever, Consumer Reports decided not to recommend the new line of Macbook Pros over battery life concerns. According to the publication, lifespans fluctuated between more than 19 and less than 4 hours.

So even though Consumer Reports noted that the Macbook Pro models did well in display and performance tests, it couldn’t recommend them since battery life is a major issue for consumers.

At first, Apple’s response was to simply tell any customers having battery life issues to visit Apple Care. But the company has since changed its tune, likely due to the potential impact of this type of review. So an Apple rep is working with Consumer Reports to better understand the battery life tests so the company can work on fixing the issue.

The actual impact of this review still remains to be seen. Since Apple already has a lot of trust and customer loyalty, it might not have as big of an impact as it would for other companies.

This Example Underscores the Importance of Product Reviews

But whether you’re a big name like Apple or a small company just starting out, getting recognition from major industry authorities and consumer publications can be huge, in either a positive or negative way. Keep the importance of product reviews in mind. It’s well worth your time to make sure that your products and offerings can withstand scrutiny is likely.

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