Pizza-Pulling Reindeer Didn’t Work Out for Domino’s (Watch)

Think it would be cool to get your pizza delivered by an actual reindeer? You’re not alone. In fact, Domino’s recently tried to make this very thing happen in Japan.

For the holiday season, the pizza chain announced that it would have reindeer pulling sleds with pizza deliveries on them. Then customers could track their pizzas by GPS just like with regular deliveries.

However, the idea didn’t exactly work out. As it turns out, it’s much more difficult to train reindeer than those old Christmas stories make it out to be. Or maybe they only listen to Santa.

Either way, Domino’s couldn’t make the reindeer-delivered pizza idea work. It was a cute idea, but not exactly a practical one. This goes to show that not all ideas that sound fun or exciting are actually fit for a real business environment.

Practical Marketing Considerations Do Not Have to Beat Creativity

But Domino’s isn’t scrapping the idea entirely. Instead, the company is dressing up some of its scooters to look like reindeer. It might not be quite as exciting as the real thing. But scooters are at least a bit more practical for business purposes.

Remember in your own business there are times those brilliant ideas of yours simply may not be practical. Don’t give up! Rethink those ideas and figure out how you could pull them off given practical limitations.

Image: Domino’s Japan

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