Learn Great Problem Solving From These Medical Researchers (Watch)

Mind-controlled robots might sound like something out of a sci-fi film. But researchers are making them into a reality for people with disabilities.

The technology isn’t even brand new. Researchers have been working on robots that people who are paralyzed or suffer from conditions like muscular dystrophy can control using only their brains for years.

But a recent breakthrough could make the possibility a whole lot less invasive for patients. Before, every version of these robots required brain implants in order to work. But now, research subjects wear an electroencephalography (EEG) cap that records brain activity in order to turn thoughts into movement instead.

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While this research isn’t being done by businesses specifically, it does demonstrate some great problem solving. Creating mind-controlled robots is a major project. But you have to solve smaller problems along the way in order to create a practical solution to a major problem.

In the case of your business, having an answer to a problem isn’t enough. You also need a solution that will create a good customer experience. Researchers have already made progress in their quest to help paralyzed patients control prosthetics and robots with their brain functions. But requiring brain implants certainly isn’t the ideal when it comes to patient experience.

By contrast, a cap that can actually help paralyzed limbs listen and obey the brain once again seems almost like magic.

Use Your Problem Solving Skills to Smooth the Road to Success

Look for similar opportunities to use problem solving skills to create “magic” in your business. You may not be able to help paralyzed patients walk but you’ll likely be amazed at the results all the same.

EEG Cap Photo via Shutterstock

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