Here Are Some Important Business Lessons from Mozart (Watch)

The most popular musicians of the year didn’t necessarily sell the most CDs. In fact, the musician that accomplished that feat in 2016 has been dead for 225 years.

His name is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. And a box set titled “Mozart 225: The New Complete Edition” is the reason he was able to sell more CDs than Beyonce, Adele and all the other popular musicians of today.

The box set actually contains 200 discs. So it only took five weeks for 1.25 million CDs to be sold. But at about $500 per set, that’s still an impressive feat, especially considering the overall decline of CD sales.

For small businesses, this accomplishment includes a few important lessons. First, the box set already contained a lot of products in one, which is a big part of the reason people bought it. So if you’re able to bundle products or upsell to large sets of items, you should be able to make more sales.

Product Bundling with a Twist

But even if you bundle products together, you still have to create something special that consumers will actually want. So making this box set the “complete edition” could make it more meaningful for big fans or those looking for special gifts to purchase.

And finally, it’s not always the people getting all the attention who make the most sales. If you know your market and can sell your products to those specific consumers, it doesn’t matter that you’re not on the cover of every magazine. Just ask the team behind Mozart’s box set.

Mozart Statue Photo via Shutterstock

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  1. It is important to create something unique and do it with passion. Passion always wins. The ends doesn’t justify the means. You should pour your heart out from the beginning.