Renewable Energy Is Getting Cheaper in Many Countries (Watch)


Think renewable energy is too expensive for your business? Think again.

The World Economic Forum estimates that renewable energy like solar and wind are now the same price or even cheaper than fossil fuels in 30 countries around the world. And even more countries are expected to join those ranks shortly.

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In addition, 2015 was the first year where there were more investments in renewable energy than fossil fuels worldwide. So that indicates that as those investments come in, we’re likely to continue seeing price adjustments for renewable energy sources.

Opportunities Rise as Prices Drops on Renewable Energy for Small Businesses

For businesses, the energy options you use will depend on a number of varying factors. So the fact that prices for renewable sources are dropping doesn’t necessarily mean that’s a route you should take. But it can certainly make it a more attractive option. And going green isn’t going to hurt your reputation with consumers either.

This news also demonstrates how much progress is still being made in the renewable energy sector. So businesses that work in this type of area can potentially take advantage of opportunities with investors and come up with ways to make those energy sources even more affordable.

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