SALT App Creates Holiday Greetings — And Other Digital Marketing

The SALT app lets you create holiday images for your business both quickly and easily so you can get it done before the actual holiday arrives.

The holiday season is a big time for businesses to call attention to promotions and special offerings. But making those promotions doesn’t need to be time consuming.

A series of new Christmas-themed videos from mobile app SALT calls attention to just how simple it can be to create marketing banners and similar holiday images for your business. The first video shows how you can use the app to create a holiday greeting for your business by taking a photo, adding your logo and then adding a festive sticker to say thank you or Merry Christmas to your customers.

And in a second video, the company shows you how to create a Christmas sale banner for your business. The process is fairly similar. But in this case, you can choose from stickers that are specifically intended to promote holiday sales with discount numbers and similar items.

Co-founder and CEO Nadav Trenter Moser said in a phone interview with Small Business Trends, “I just think Christmas is such a great time to promote your business and say thank you to your customers or clients for supporting you year round. So we want to help small companies take the knowledge and strategies that big companies use during the season and make it so that small businesses without those same budgets and capabilities can still make quality marketing materials.”

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SALT launched about six months ago and is known mainly for its banner service that businesses can use to add their logos, watermarks and other items to photos. It’s available on an Android app that’s free with in-app purchases.

But in addition, SALT also provides other marketing services to businesses, including promotional ideas and suggestions for local businesses. To use, you can enter in the type of your business and some general information and get promotional ideas via an algorithm. Moser says that businesses should think of SALT as their “marketing buddy,” since it can help with several different areas of marketing.

Beyond the holiday season, there are plenty of other sticker packs and other options that businesses can use to make timely banners and other marketing materials. You can see more examples on the company’s YouTube channel.

Image: SALT

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