10 Modern Search Strategies Businesses Are Not Doing

10 Modern Search Engine Marketing Strategies Businesses Are Not Doing

Search marketing is difficult and time consuming. There is a lot of advice and a lot of it is outdated or flat out does not work. With that I want to share with you 10 search strategies that are easy to implement and are proven to increase search rankings.

Search Engine Marketing Strategies

Content Promotion

If your content is not promoted it does not exist. Creating good content does not help SEO, creating good content and then promoting it helps SEO. If no one knows about your content how will Google know it is good? Promoting your content helps you get links and social shares back to your content and then Google ranks the content high in Google. Focus on promoting your content using good content promotion tools or just relationships you have built. The lowest hanging fruit is email marketing content.

Social Media Marketing

Getting social media signals is a form of a “quality” signal which Google is able to use as part of their algorithm. Basically, if your webpage says “Black Cat” how will Google rank you over the other people who rank for “Black Cat”? They rank webpages with social media shares and backlinks as “good quality content” and the more quality signals you have (again, quality signals are links or social media signals) means you will rank higher.

Having a social media marketing plan to get consumers to share your content on their social channels is very important. Creating good blog content and then sharing on your social channels allows Google to value your site higher and therefore rank it higher.

Removing Duplicate Content

Creating landing pages with the same content but just subtle differences is a 2009 SEO tactic. Remove any duplicate content and make all content at least 80 percent unique. If you cannot make it 80 percent unique then consolidate your pages to remove duplicate content. The Panda updates are so advanced now they can really devalue your site if you have too much duplicate content (around 20 percent).

Removing Bad Backlinks

Using a backlink analysis tool can enable you to look at your backlink profile and disavow any bad backlinks you have. You can export all of your links and disavow any poor quality links you have.

Local Citations Auditing

For businesses especially just starting out you want to build a solid foundation of “no-follow” links so Google gains trust with your website and then you can get solid high authority links on top. To do this doing a local citation campaign is a must. You can use tools like Moz Local or even builders like YEXT to build local citations for you quickly and effectively.

Content Research

Having effective content is critical and if you are not putting historical data or trends into your content creation you are behind the times. You can use tools like Buzzsumo to see what content has produced the best social media shares or backlinks and therefore make even better content. This makes your content better and more effective than ever before! You can also use trends to see which pieces of content are strongest during time periods or seasons. Or, there might be time sensitive content producing great results you can replicate easily and effectively.

On Page Optimization

Having good on page optimization is important otherwise, how would Google know what to rank you for? The first part of on page optimization is keyword research and understand what are your best keywords to rank for on every page. Once you understand the keywords you want to edit your meta title, description, URL, H1 tag, and body content based on it. For the ultimate guide to on page optimization check this out.

Speed Optimization

One of the main technical SEO improvements in 2016 and beyond is site speed. Having good site speed, judged by the Google page speed tool, if extremely low hanging fruit for any business trying to gain organic search rankings. You can use the Google page speed tools to see how you do and what improvements are needed to have a better score. Use this tool to get a quicker speed and provide a better user experience.

User Experience Testing

One factor people do not know about in Google search is usability. Having good usability allows Google to see visitors interacting positively with your site and then they can rank you higher based on this. This video shows the pogo stick and how to solve it but a good user experience is always a good start and having a clear landing page for the searcher to go to.


One very easy to implement and manage tactic is interlinking. In your blog content and service pages you can interlink from one page to the other so you can pass authority from one page to the next. This only works if the page has authority to begin with but it can be a very good tactic to pass good authority from one to the other to rank other pages higher. However, only do this if it makes sense and works well for the content.

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Ronald Dod Ronald Dod is the Founder and Owner of Visiture, an internet marketing agency that focuses on Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click management for eCommerce businesses. Ronald holds a Masters in the Science of Marketing from Florida State University and is certified in Google Adwords & Analytics.

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  1. I think that these strategies are quite prevalent and is known by the knowledgeable business owners. I think that there are far more uncommon terms like LSI keyword ranking and Citation building.

  2. I think that businesses are quite aware of these methods. Putting it into practice is an entirely different subject though as that will mean hiring some people.

  3. The online search landscape will slowly change with better content. I can see it. And it will probably change massively in 2017

  4. Of course this assumes they actually have good content, which I’ve found isn’t an automatic assumption. You’ll need good content to go with all this good advice.

    • Yep! And a good email list, social media following, etc… I have seen some clients without good content just win because there is no one there in their space haha. Thanks for reading!

  5. Hey Ronald,

    Thank you for the informative post. Although these methods seem to be pretty common, what is the underlying issue that businesses are missing? Perhaps not implementing the different tactics, or lack of knowledge regarding execution?

    • Both. The TM for this site are small business owners so I try to keep the content more simple compared to Advanced SEO tactics which might go over their head. I think the issue is lack of knowledge and actually being able to implement it with the knowledge. I think more of less they want to know what are the main tactics to make sure their vendor is doing it :).