How to Build Your Own App Using Bizness Apps

How to Build Your Own App Using Bizness Apps

If you think that mobile apps are solely for the big brands like Bank of America or Walmart, you are wrong. Nowadays, both small and medium-sized businesses are following the app trend, understanding that an effective online selling strategy involves more than just having a website. And no, you don’t have to be a developer to own an app. A site such as Bizness Apps will help you create an app in a matter of minutes.

Build Your Own App With Bizness Apps

Getting Started

Signing up is simple and easy. Once you have entered your basic details, you will be asked to choose an Industry that best describes your business. Choose wisely as Bizness Apps will pre-populate your app with features that best fit your selection. 

How to Build Your Own App Using Bizness Apps - Getting Started

Give Your App a Name

What name would you like you app to have on Apple and Google Play Stores? Word of advice: choose a name that viewers would quickly associate with your business.

How to Build Your Own App Using Bizness Apps - Name Your App

Choose a Template

Happy with your business name? If not, go back to the previous step and change it. However, if you are satisfied, now it’s time to choose a template for your app building. You can also choose to start from scratch. Nonetheless, using a template is much easier as it gives you a great starting point and you can completely customize it later. 

How to Build Your Own App Using Bizness Apps - Choose a Template

Add Features

Besides displaying your blog posts, Bizness Apps will also suggest additional features that will help you improve your customers’ experience.

How to Build Your Own App Using Bizness Apps - Add Features


Complete the Building and Designing

Once you are done with choosing your features you will be taken to you BiznessApps account backend for where you can, as they say, “put on your artist’s cap.” This stage allows you to choose your images, play with palettes and craft the perfect home screen. Click the “Build” tab to add important features such as the “Call Us” or the “Email Us” button. There are over 40 features to choose from.

How to Build Your Own App Using Bizness Apps - Finish Up

Send to App Stores

The next logical step after you are done with designing and building is to publish your app. You will be asked to fill in your basic information among other requirements. Click “Send to Store” button on the top-right corner of your screen. Bizness Apps takes care of the entire publishing process to iTunes and Google Play Store. You’ll never pay a penny until your app is published in the app stores. The Single App Plan that’s perfect for small businesses and non-profits costs $42 per month while the Reseller Plan costs $249 per month. All plans are billed annually.

How to Build Your Own App Using Bizness Apps - Send to App Stores

Bizness Apps offers a whole lot of case studies, webinars and tutorials on how you can use their platform to improve your sales. The platform is definitely ideal for all small business owners that want to create an app quickly and without having to learn how to code.

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  1. Hmm, interesting! Just wondering how stable might be these “handmade” apps especially for business purposes

    • Hey Greg, as a company we’ve created over 500,000 mobile apps for just about any industry you can think of so extremely stable would be the answer here. We have satisfied customers all over the world.

  2. I want to ask. Are the apps created from this actually good enough to be customized according to your needs? I have tried some tools before and it simply transforms a website into an app. I am not really pleased.

    • Absolutely! We have too many design options to list to make your app look & feel custom. Also, depending on your industry, we have functionality that would really benefit your business. However, we’re not a custom app creation platform for “ideas” or “games”. We specifically focus on creating apps for small businesses that help increase customer loyalty and engagement.

  3. This means that small business owners now have a lot of options in getting their business out there. I personally think that apps have become essential due to the increasing mobile usage.

  4. Hi, I am a business owner and I am wonder how I can create my own app. I agree that all that I have been seeing are those makers that simply convert your website into an app. I want something that has something more – a functional feature that will make your app indispensable.

    • Hey Ivan, thanks for commenting. One of the main things we focus on at Bizness Apps is creating apps that have real value to the customers of small businesses. We focus on what we call “return on investment” features such as loyalty programs, mobile shopping cards, mobile food ordering, mobile reservations, geo-fenced push notifications, and more. We believe that apps are only useful if customers see value in them and make their lives easier or better. 🙂

  5. Wow! This looks so simple and easy. I love the interface and how user-friendly it appears to be. I really want to try this out! Thanks for posting this blog, I would have never tried this app out without this recommendation! Thank you!