Centiment Introduces Marketing Research for Your Business

Whether it is a new product launch, choosing a color scheme or determining the best music for a campaign, the Centiment market research tool can help.

Whether it is a new product launch, choosing a color scheme for an existing item or determining the best music for a campaign, market intelligence is invaluable but until now very expensive. The company that is making it affordable is Centiment. How affordable? Well, the company says you can create a survey and start collecting audience data beginning as low as $50.


Centiment Market Research Tool

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Centiment says, “You bring the question we bring the audience.” And while that might sound simple, Centiment argues that’s exactly what it is. The company says it can provide the right panel of respondents so you can get the data you need to make the best informed decision.

A Look at the Centiment Market Research Tool

Building a Survey

Using the survey builder with Google and Centiment Forms, you can create a survey. Once you send out the questions and get your responses a survey review and report are also included to hep you make sense of the data collected.

The Audience

The audience, which will be made up of people in the US, can be segmented into age, gender, income, education, ethnicity, location and population density. This gives your small business access to some of the most important demographic indicators available when gaining insight on a product or service your company is considering.

Centiment Market Research Tool


Getting good answers from quality respondents can be difficult. So the approach Centiment has taken is to recruit its own respondents to ensure answers that are thoughtful from a quality audience. The incentive comes from by generating donations for a not-for-profit they support and are personally invested in. This can be a homeless shelter, local school, church or something else. And each survey supports a different cause.


Centiment Market Research Tool



Centiment has an easy to understand pricing structure.  You pay based on the number of respondents, which are only $1 per person. All the tiers include 10 questions and you can add up to 50 questions at 10 cents each. The tiers start at $50, $250, and $500 for 50, 250 and 500 respondents respectively and with a “deeper read” of the data with each tier. Once the answers are collected, you will get a detailed report based on the questions along with profile information.

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