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  1. Most PPC platforms like Google AdWords also have click-to-call options for advertisements shown to mobile users.

  2. I have been seeing all these click to call buttons. While I know that they are quite useful, I am not the type who would use it. I would rather save the number and call it.

  3. Click to call works as a Call to Action for users. It also helps businesses to generate leads directly from the site but its just a feature of the whole VoIP-based virtual phone system. virtual phone systems provides many more features like IVR, Call Forwarding, Call Cascading, Call Transfer, Get Local & Toll Free Numbers for multiple countries, Assing numbers to each department etc. which can be very helpful to small and medium businesses to set up their customer support in less than 3 minutes and make an impression like large organization in from of customers. I personally shifted to callhippo.com and I am very satisfied with it.

  4. I have been seeing all these snap to call catches. While I realize that they are very helpful, I am not the sort who might utilize it. I would prefer to spare the number and call it.