Why Did This CEO Strap Himself to a Windmill? (Watch)


Would you ever consider strapping yourself to a windmill?

A CEO recently did just that. Roger van Boxtel of Dutch Railways took a trip around a windmill as a way of celebrating the fact that all of the company’s electric trains are now powered completely by wind energy.

Wind energy is getting a huge push  in the Netherlands. Holland alone has more than 1,000 standing windmills. But the country is actually lagging behind some other European nations in terms of renewable energy goals for 2020. So this train company’s new wind-powered operations are a pretty big deal.

But van Boxtel didn’t want to just reap the environmental and long-term financial benefits of using renewable energy. He also wanted to call attention to it.

The Benefits of Environmental Marketing

When companies make actual strides toward using renewable energy or helping the environment in some way, it can be a major selling point in the eyes of consumers too. So why not share your strides and successes with them using environmental marketing strategies? It can help your reputation and maybe even your profits. And while you don’t necessarily need to strap yourself to a windmill to do that, it does seem to be a pretty effective way to grab some headlines!

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  1. You really have to do the craziest things to make content viral. I guess that is his goal and he has managed to prove his point.