What Your Business Can Learn From Paris’s Pollution Problem (Watch)


Paris has a major smog problem. And an organization that monitors air quality in France estimates that pollution levels will reach even higher levels by the end of 2016.

So the city is trying to do something about it. On December 29, officials offered free parking to residents throughout the city to encourage ride-sharing and the use of public transportation. If the one-day experiment doesn’t make enough of an impact, the city could go even further and offer free bike-sharing and services for electric cars.

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It remains to be seen if this free parking experiment will have the desired effect. Since it’s only for one day, it’s unlikely that this move alone will be enough to solve a major pollution problem. But it could be a step in the right direction.

Every Problem Solving Process Starts With the First Step

When dealing with problems as large as the pollution of an entire country, it can be difficult to find a first step. But taking any action is better than waiting to find a perfect solution. Whether you’re solving problems for an entire country or just a small business, taking steps toward a solution can be a better route than waiting around for the perfect plan to come to you.

If France is able to monitor how much of an impact this small gesture makes, it could create a more informed plan going forward. And your business can learn a lot from that type of problem solving.

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  1. It is nice that they are doing some steps to solve it. These are the times that the smog has started to become so serious that it is too hard to live in certain areas.

  2. Well said “taking action is better than waiting to find a perfect solution”. Thank you for the great post.

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