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  1. In my opinion, passwords are not going to be obsolete anytime soon. The problem is that there is nothing else available that is more secure. You can name many alternatives that bring simplicity to the end user like fingerprint, iris recognition, AI patterns recognition, but those are less secure. The odds for brute force are a lot higher than a long complex password. The problem with alternatives does not end there: every secure system can be compromised, so how do you renew it? You cannot renew your fingerprint nor your eye retina. As for the AI pattern recognition, it’s a new comer and promising but it has not been proven yet. What the user wants is simplicity and security, both. As Eric mentioned in this post, it’s risky to use a password manager since all your passwords could be compromised. So what about using a password manager that does not save or ask the user to enter their passwords? I know one that can do that, PasswordWrench. If someone’s account get hacked, the only thing they are going to see is password cards and some hints but not the passwords. They are secured because they’re inside the mind of the user. So we got here something that brings simplicity, can manage and create complex passwords and that is hacker-proof.