10 Tips to Make More Sales in Your Small Business

10 Tips to Make More Sales in Your Small Business

Technology has made a mark on so many different areas of business — including sales. There are plenty of tech tools and techniques you can use to gain more customers and make more money.

If you want to make more sales for your small business, you can take a look at some of the tips from members of our small business community below.

Remember the Major Digital Marketing Mistakes

When it comes to your online marketing, there isn’t necessarily one right way to do things. But there are some common mistakes that can sidetrack your efforts. If you want your digital marketing efforts to be successful, avoid the mistakes in this post by Kevin Donnellon of Macali Communications.

Learn How to Use Messaging in Your eCommerce Business

Messaging apps are becoming increasingly popular with online and mobile consumers. And they can also apply to eCommerce businesses as well. Here, Aliona Surovtseva discusses what eCommerce businesses should know about messaging apps and services.

Study the Major Trends in B2B Marketing

For B2B businesses, marketing trends can differ from those that apply to B2C businesses. Sam Hurley identifies some significant B2B marketing trends in this Sparklane post. And BizSugar members share their thoughts on the post here.

Engage Customers With Experiential Marketing

When attempting to sell products to customers, it can help if you create a whole experience for them. In this Target Marketing post, Candice Simons shares how businesses can utilize the concept of experiential marketing to sell products to customers.

Master the Basics of Customer Retention

It’s not just a matter of bringing new customers in but also of keeping the ones you have with the hopes of increasing sales from those who have already bought from you in the past. Here’s a look at how to improve that process by Shayla Price at Kissmetrics with some additional thoughts from the BiSugar community here.

Set New Financial Goals for Your Small Business

No matter what changes you have planned for your small business in 2017, you always need to keep finances in mind. But there are some changes you can make to ensure a better financial future for your business, like the ones listed in this CorpNet post by Christa Donovan.

Have a Unique Selling Proposition

When attempting to make sales, you need to have a unique angle to really convince customers to do business with you. That’s where your unique selling proposition comes in. If you don’t currently have one, read why you need to change that in this GetEntrepreneurial.com post by Ron Finklestein.

Stop Overthinking Your Content

Content marketing has proved to be a powerful tool for small businesses. But some tend to overthink their content strategies, as Sujan Patel expresses in this Content Marketing Institute post. You can also see commentary on the post over on BizSugar.

Use Live Video Chat to Reach Out to Customers

As technology evolves, businesses constantly get new opportunities to reach out to customers. Live video chat is one of those new opportunities. You can read more about why your business should use live video chat in this Biz Epic post by Ivan Widjaya.

Learn How to Prevent Data Breaches

When you use technology to support your small business operations, you might find that you’re vulnerable to data breaches. But there are ways to prevent them, as Liz Green points out in this Smallbiztechnology.com post.

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  1. There are always some content formats that will work. I think that it is important to consider that. Don’t overthink but create as much content as you can and split test.

  2. Security is very important. Data breaches, however, is not 100% inevitable. It is important to learn more about that.

  3. Great tips! Especially the one about having a unique selling proposition. That is crucial!

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  4. Annie you’ve made some great points.

    And I’d add one of the most important ones is to show and share your knowledge before you contact a buyer or before a buyer starts their research online. If you do this it will help you stand out from other SMB’s.

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