What Super Bowl Ads Teach About Getting the Most from Your Marketing (Watch)

Companies that advertised during the Super Bowl Sunday paid millions for ad space and creation. So if those ads were only viewed once during the game and then never again — even if there were a lot of people watching — that’s not necessarily the best value.

But for the last few years, companies have been getting more bang for their advertising buck by posting their ads online before the game. Sure, it might make the game-day commercial viewing a bit less interesting for viewers. But the videos that are posted before the big game have steadily gotten higher viewer counts come Monday morning.

This trend has gotten so big that YouTube even created its own platform for game-day commercials. And it makes a lot of sense for brands. Putting ads online allows those who are interested to preview or re-watch their favorite ads. The practice also gives brands access to a whole group of consumers who aren’t likely to see their ads during the big game at all — international consumers.

Boost ROI By Maximizing Your Advertising Reach

In your own small business you may similarly look not only at the costs of your advertising, but at how much advertising reach you are getting for your investment. Try to use content on several different platforms to reach several different communities. The results should be a greater response from your target customers no matter where they are when they see your message.

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  1. Companies are willing to advertise because of the reach. And if the market is highly relevant to your product, then it is well worth the money.