Verizon Shows Businesses How to Fight Back Against the Competition (Watch)

Verizon is fighting back against the competition — hard.

The company just unveiled a new plan that it calls “Verizon Unlimited.” It includes — you guessed it — unlimited data, talk and text. The plan costs $80 per month for a single user and then $45 per month for additional users within a family plan. You also need to set up auto pay in order to qualify for the unlimited plan.

Verizon last offered unlimited data back in 2011. But it nixed the idea when it became burdensome for the company’s network and when other mobile carriers were shying away from offering unlimited data as well. Back then, the company had no intentions of exploring unlimited data options again.

But then things changed. Competitors like T-Mobile and Sprint began offering some unlimited options. And they used that to really position themselves against Verizon, winning over some of their customers in the process.

Customer Analysis Pays off

In situations like this, it sometimes becomes necessary for companies to fight back with an even better offering. Verizon has a great reputation for things like coverage and service. But it doesn’t take much customer analysis to understand that the recent moves from T-Mobile and Sprint show just how much customers care about having access to unlimited data. So if Verizon is able to uphold its already high standards and also offer unlimited options to customers, it could be a big win for the business.

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  1. Competition is actually good for industries for it leads to an improvement of products and services which is a win-win for both the seller and the customer.