eBay Deploys Artificial Intelligence to Benefit Sellers

eBay Deploys Artificial Intelligence to Help Sellers

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming part of our everyday language as more organizations integrate the technology into the products and services they offer. The latest to do so is eBay (NASDAQ:EBAY), which according to the company will help its sellers become more competitive.

eBay Deploys Artificial Intelligence Solutions

The company has been supporting its sellers, many of whom are small to medium sized businesses, with AI driven investments for the past five years. To date, it has been embedded and distributed across 30 domains to help sellers with everything from delivery time to fraud detection, wrote President and CEO of eBay, Devin Wenig in a post on he company’s official blog.

The pricing and inventory AI solution is a great example. It can identify gaps in inventory of a particular product and alert sellers of that item to stock up. Based on demand, it will make price recommendations so they won’t price themselves out during a hot market. And the beauty of this solution is, it is seamless and non-intrusive, giving you recommendations automatically when events are trending.

The way new AI solutions are helping Tanya Crew, a single mom who started selling on eBay in 2003, is by optimizing the price for the items she sells. It predicts shifts in consumer behavior, along with more features so she can be more competitive.

eBay Deploys Artificial Intelligence to Help Sellers

The work on AI will also help optimize listing and online images featuring different types of consumer behavior to help Mohamed Taushif Ansari of Mumbai. He started with just a laptop and a sewing machine, and now exports the products he makes to 30 countries around the world.

Additionally, his products are being featured on social platforms through the eBay ShopBot, which is powered by AI and is currently in beta.

eBay Deploys Artificial Intelligence to Help Sellers

Even though there is a passionate debate going on regarding AI with polarizing views. eBay’s CEO said it best in his blog post:

“I believe our greatest days are ahead of us. But this rests on embracing our most promising technologies — and shaping them — to lift people up and create opportunity at all levels.”

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  1. This is great. Technology can always help enhance a process it is all a matter of adopting that technology and implementing it.

  2. It’ll be interesting to see how technology is changing the way you buy and sell on daily basis. This can be the game changer in no time if succeeded. Enterprise mobility services integrated with AI can really do wonders for businesses.