8 Ideas to Attract Customers to Your Store on a Slow Day

How to Get More Customers to Your Store on a Slow Day

This is a tough time for retailers.

You’re caught between the holiday shopping frenzy and the anticipation of spring. Bad weather in most of the country (even in Southern California where I live, it’s been pouring rain for months) tends to keep shoppers indoors. On one of those days when you’ve been open two hours without a single shopper walking through the door, how can you turn things around? Try these ideas.

How to Get More Customers

1. Make the most of the shoppers who do come into your store. Don’t scare them away by being over-eager (shoppers can smell desperation). Instead, engage in a polite and friendly way. Now is the time to offer them a little extra service, such as suggesting complementary products to accompany what they’re looking at, or discussing the pros and cons of different items.

2. Stick out a sign. Put a sandwich-board sign advertising a special offer outside the door to attract passing customers inside. If the weather is so bad that’s not feasible, keep a sale banner on hand you can put in your window instead.

3. Hold a flash sale. A limited-time, surprise sale can get customers in the door. Offer a two-for-one special, 30 percent off everything in the store or whatever makes sense for your business. Limit it to a short period — for instance, 1:00 to 4:00 PM. (If bad weather is what’s keeping people away, you can look at the weather forecast and base your sale around any time the storm appears likely to lift or lessen.) Send emails and text messages or post on social media about your sale.

4. Appeal to their boredom. Put posts on social media to attract customers who have maxed out on Netflix and couch surfing for the day. “Can’t binge one more show? Head out to [STORE] for some snow-day deals.” (Just make sure you don’t make light of severe bad weather that is causing destruction or loss of life — this can hurt your company’s brand.)

5. Make it mobile. If your business already uses mobile marketing apps that reach out to people based on their location, a slow day is a great time to put them to work. Customers who are already out and about are more likely to be tempted to come into your store. Send them a code good for a discount, free gift or other special offer.

6. Offer refreshments. On a cold, snowy or rainy day, free coffee, tea, hot chocolate and other treats can entice frozen shoppers to stop by and warm up. Keep a supply of these items in your stockroom so you can serve refreshments at a moment’s notice. Promote them on social media and via your other marketing methods.

7. Entertain children. If you’ve ever been trapped at home in a rainstorm or snowstorm with young children, you know how desperate parents can be to get out of the house. Entice parents into your store by providing entertainment for their children. Set up a little area in the store with a play table, toys and books. Enlist an employee to read stories to the kids or play games with them. Meanwhile, offer the parents discounts and the chance to get a break from their kids while they shop.

8. Reward them. Does your store already have a loyalty rewards program? Great. Let customers know you’re offering double or triple rewards points today. The extra incentive might be all they need to get out the door and into your store.

Make the Most of Downtime

While you’re waiting for these efforts to get people in the door, there are other things you can do to make a slow day more than a wasted one.

  • Focus on marketing. Tackle the marketing tasks you never have time to get around to. Get ahead on your social media marketing: Schedule some posts for the next week or month. Review the results of your most recent marketing efforts so you can see what to do more of in the future. Plan your future email marketing messages or email newsletters.
  • Catch up on administrative tasks. Update your bookkeeping, place orders for new inventory, sort and file paperwork — get caught up on all those things that get pushed to the bottom of your to-do list.
  • Beautify the store. Use the downtime to take care of chores like cleaning, testing and sweeping the store. Cast a critical eye on your merchandising and see how it can be improved. Play around with your window displays and signage. You may come up with some great ideas to make your store more appealing to passers-by.

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Rieva Lesonsky

Rieva Lesonsky Rieva Lesonsky is a Columnist for Small Business Trends covering employment, retail trends and women in business. She is CEO of GrowBiz Media, a media company that helps entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses. Follow her on Google+ and visit her blog, SmallBizDaily, to get the scoop on business trends and free TrendCast reports.

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  1. Good article, but missing a “dash” of reality. When Stores open in the morning a bell doesn’t ring “today will be a slow day”. Some stores know their traffic picks up during mid afternoon and then either continues or cools down fast.

    Having a dashboard with hourly traffic counts is a much better way of knowing what to expect as, over time, patterns begins to reveal themselves. This is a great tool for staffing and scheduling activities for store personnel.

    You are very correct when you say “make every customer count” . Simply add the cost all your fixed costs for the month and divide that by the average number of visitors and suddenly you will see what it cost just to have one guest walk through your door.

    That said your message is clear and vital. The worse course of action is to do nothing. Open the door and being ready for the customer that you hope will come is act of self sabotage which will not only choke the flow of new guests but will chase your ambitious and creative workers to your competitors.

    Digital marketing coupled with rewards is fast becoming the new competitive tool, and the ones with the most relevant rewards will draw traffic , whether it raises profitability depends upon how well the store can execute.

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