Why This Inspirational Ad Is Being Banned From the Super Bowl (Watch)

If your company spends a huge sum of money and resources creating an ad campaign, seeing it get rejected could represent a huge setback.

That’s what just happened to health and nutrition retailer GNC (NYSE:GNC). The company created what it considered to be an inspirational ad to air during the Super Bowl. But with the big game just days away, the company was notified that the ad they already paid for would not be aired.


Well, it wasn’t because the ad was inappropriate or controversial in any way. But about three percent of the products that GNC sells include substances that are banned by the NFL. So the league is worried about a commercial for the company appearing during its most watched game.

It might seem like a thin excuse. But obstacles like this can pop up for businesses any time and for any reason. Aside from getting a refund for the air time, there’s not much that GNC can do to recover the losses from this setback. But the company could potentially get its ad in front of viewers and still get some return on the investment it put into building the campaign.

The Importance of Business Flexibility

For businesses of any size, it’s important to be able to adapt to different situations so that you can overcome obscure and last-minute obstacles. The situation might not always be ideal, but if you can make the most of it then you’re probably in good shape to keep your business as successful as possible.

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