Delta Thinks the Key to Customer Loyalty is Through Free Stuff (Watch)

Delta airlines is hoping that the key to customer loyalty lies in a not-so-new approach -- give the customers what they want... for free.

What’s the key to customer loyalty? Well, if you ask Delta, that key involves lots of free stuff.

The airline just announced that it will start giving out free meals to all passengers on some of its longest domestic flights starting in March. That’s in addition to the snacks, entertainment options and blankets that are already offered for free on Delta flights.

During the recession, many airlines cut down on these free options as a way of cutting costs. The thought was that the customers who wanted them badly enough would just pay extra. And since so many airlines cut out these items (Hawaiian Airlines was the only U.S. carrier not to cut out free meals) some customers did spend extra on the little things.

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Will ‘Free’ Be the Key to Customer Loyalty?

But now that the economy is improving, airlines are starting to offer more options. The hope is that customers will appreciate these extras enough to only book flights with Delta — or at least go to Delta first — in the future.

And if you’ve ever been on a long flight from the East Coast to the West Coast without a meal, blanket or entertainment options, then you can likely understand just how much value those little things can have.

Delta LAX Photo via Shutterstock

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  1. Delta was the first to offer bag tracking. They are also the first to offer real-time RFID bag tracking on a large scale.

  2. Yes. But does it attract the right type of customer for your business? This can work for some businesses but it cannot apply for others. It will only attract freebie seekers.

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