Top 10 List of Successful Entrepreneurs With No Experience (Video)

The journey through life is never a straight path.

No matter how many kids want to be doctors, astronauts and movie stars, fate more often takes a hand, leading them to different careers and experiences.

There’s no place you can see this effect more clearly than in the lives of the top 10 successful entrepreneurs with no experience highlighted in the video above.

Not Prepared, But Ready

All of the entrepreneurs featured in the video succeeded in a field for which they had no preparation. However, when opportunity came their way, they hopped on board and road that opportunity to success.

The main theme that runs through these stories remains the fact that none of these entrepreneurs were prepared — in a traditional sense. They had little to no training in the businesses they started. But, they were ready to take action when the time came and that made all the difference.

Think about it. How many times have you heard someone say, “I had that idea first?” Why didn’t that person become wildly successful? Simply because he or she did not act upon the opportunity. By contrast, when the opportunity presented itself  to each of these 10 entrepreneurs, they did.

Another theme present here is that of perception. From Thomas Edison to Russell Simmons to Arianna Huffington, each of the entrepreneurs featured in this video recognized the opportunity when it came his or her way. In the case of Richard Branson, he created the opportunity simply by starting.

Taken together, readiness to take action and recognizing opprtunities when they arise are key skills for any entrepreneur to achieve his or her dreams.

If you take anything away from these success stories, make it this lesson: you should be ready for opportunities when they come your way whether you’re prepared to jump on them yet or not. You may ultimately crash, but you might just fly instead.

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  1. I wouldn’t really call it ‘no experience’. I think that they may have gone through a different road that makes them reach their destination. The experience may not be related but it contributed to where they are.

  2. I agree. Every entrepreneur has their share of hardships and challenges. They may have learned the ropes earlier than the others.

  3. This is definitely inspiring. So many entrepreneurs are having the courage to pursue their dreams even if they don’t have the means to achieve them.

  4. Really awesome, maybe this video inspires other new entrepreneurs too