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Free Up Your Hands When Livestreaming

Live Streaming Equipment Can Free Up Your Hands When Shooting Videos

With a strong background in licensing, product development, sales and marketing, Montreal native Jeff Cohen has worked with some of the top companies at the forefront of market trends, such as Disney, Warner Bros and Major League Sports. As a live streamer, he recognized the need for proper broadcasting products while he was at concerts. He didn’t want to hold his phone and tablet all night as everyone else was doing.

The Search for Live Streaming Equipment

Cohen knew there had to be affordable ways to broadcast hands-free. After research and factory testing, he chose and finalized the right products for his business, named Scoping Products [1]. The website offers tripods, clamps, accessories, wearable mounts, car mounts and similar items, some of which are extendable or flexible or even waterproof. Cohen won’t sell any product he himself wouldn’t use. He’ll usually demonstrate one of his items in a video, especially for product giveaways. He also broadcasts video related to cooking, nature, snowmobiling, ice fishing and other outdoor events.

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Small Business Trends: The items you sell are self-explanatory, but tell us about your history and how it fits nicely with eCommerce and gear. I’m glad you didn’t need to reinvent the wheel, as the saying goes.

Jeff Cohen: One of my goals is to allow people to be able to use their phones like GoPros, which not everyone can afford. With my items, people can use their phones in situations like bike rides and other various outdoor activities, including sports, and enjoy them in similar ways as one might with a GoPro camera [2]. Our items are designed for GoPro use, but they’ve been modified for use with smartphones and tablets.

I just did very good sourcing and testing, and through my infrastructure and my website, I’m able to offer a range of functional, user-friendly products at very affordable pricing. I won’t sell any product I myself wouldn’t use. Before Scoping Products, I found there weren’t many options for active or varied use. I felt what was out there couldn’t hold a phone in different settings. Scoping Products is all about getting more enjoyment and versatile use out of your devices no matter where you’re broadcasting or filming from.

Our items are shipped from our U.S. warehouse and processed within 24-48 hours thanks to an efficient setup. We even have a separate section called “Scoping Projects” where we can develop and assist social media broadcasters or a business with the ability to use our infrastructure and handle any order fulfillment from A-Z on any promotional need or project they are working on.”

Live Streaming Equipment Can Free Up Your Hands When Shooting Videos

Small Business Trends: Are Scoping Products only for Periscope/Twitter?

Jeff Cohen: In all my broadcasts and in all our advertising, one of the main things I emphasize is the fact that “we’re not just for scopers”. I always try to demonstrate and show viewers how they can use the products in everyday situations, even if they are not social broadcasters or live streamers.

Small Business Trends: What are the best ways to reach you?

Jeff Cohen: I respond within 24-48 hours on Twitter at @scopingproducts or by email at spinfo@videotron.ca

Images: Daniel Schwartzberg Photography, Jeff Cohen