This Sticky Gel Shows Why Mistakes Aren’t Always a Bad Thing (Watch)

Not all innovations happen due to careful planning and preparation. Some happen simply by accident. That’s the case with a new sticky gel that scientists believe could someday help to pollinate plants.

Researchers first created the sticky gel to serve as an electrical conductor. But the project was deemed a failure. And so the gel sat without any purpose for about a decade, until someone decided to give it a second look.

Now, scientists have tested the gel using tiny drones and horse hair, which mimics the fuzzy exterior of bees, to see if it could potentially deliver pollen from one plant to another. The initial tests have been successful. But we’re still a long way away from seeing tiny drones flying around and acting as bees.

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However, with the decline in honeybee populations, having a potential option to supplement some of that purpose could be a good thing. And it wouldn’t have even come about if it weren’t for a simple mistake and scientists who were open to making the most of mistakes.

Making the Most of Mistakes

So the next time your business makes a mistake or has a project that is deemed a failure, don’t write it off completely. You may be able to take something away from it that could someday help you solve a totally different problem.

Image: Newsy

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  1. The greatest inventions come from mistakes – really. It is unintended and unplanned by the human mind and it still arises.

    • There are tons of examples of this type of invention, so staying open to those opportunities is so important!