Marijuana Businesses Could Face Struggles in the Coming Years (Watch)


Businesses that deal with recreational marijuana in states where it has been legalized may be in for a tough road ahead.

Even in states that have voted to legalize recreational use, marijuana is technically illegal on a federal level. A 2014 law protects states that have legalized medical marijuana use from federal interference. But the eight states and the District of Columbia that have legalized recreational use don’t have those same protections.

Marijuana Business News Signals Troubles Ahead

The Obama administration generally respected those state laws when it came to drug enforcement issues. But it might not be the same under President Trump. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been a staunch opponent of marijuana legalization in the past. And Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer recently said that he thinks more enforcement is forthcoming.

It’s a tough situation for businesses that operate in the states where recreational use has been legalized and where they haven’t faced much in the way of enforcement up to this point. These businesses, for the most part, have been trying to do things in a legal way. But the federal law hasn’t kept up with changing state laws. So businesses may have to make serious adjustments in order to stay viable in the coming years.

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  1. So much for “limited government” rhetoric, Lol. His words stand against economic growth, does he not see that? I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. This new high-growth industry is driven by small business so I smell another broken campaign promise in the making. They’d better course-correct. But, I once had a kitten who’d sometimes puff out her fur, arch her back and tip toe taller to make herself look terrifying to other cats – all this jazz from the new administration could be actions (uh, words, at this point) similar to that, minus the cute.