Wix Passes 100 Million Users with Focus on Small Business

Thanks to the company's focus on entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, artists, and businesses around the world, the number of Wix users just passed 100 million.

The web development company that spent nearly $5 million on a commercial during the Super Bowl just surpassed the 100 million registered users’ milestone.

The Israel-based company Wix.com (NASDAQ:WIX) boasts how easy it has made things for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, artists and businesses around the world to create a website using its drag and drop capabilities.

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Number of Wix Users Doubled

While announcing its achievement, the company said that its user base has more than doubled in the last two and a half years and though based in Israel, the U.S. is one of its fastest growing markets.

“Consumers and businesses want stunning websites that are simple to create and navigate,” Wix President and COO Nir Zohar said in a statement. “Every day we ask ourselves, how can we help our users do more? By keeping that question central to everything we do, we have exceeded even our wildest growth expectations.”

Significantly, over the past few years, the company has been able to use artificial intelligence to simplify website design, and has also made its eCommerce solutions more attractive to online businesses by bridging offline and online commerce capabilities with a Square partnership. The company has also introduced new tools such as image protection and portfolio management, reeling in both artists and photographers.

Additionally, Wix offers what it describes as intuitive and powerful website interfaces and video backgrounds, title animation, and online storage for website assets. Wix also offers both free and paid options.

With so many online businesses already using the platform, entrepreneurs seeking a simple alternative to developing a web presence may wish to give Wix tools a closer look.

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Antony Maina Antony Maina is a Staff Writer for Small Business Trends. His beat includes social media, general business reporting and exploring how people relate to technology. With a background in freelance writing, he is a contributor to other tech websites and can be found at Word4Bloggers.

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  1. Great info, I realized how fast Wix is growing in both clientele and stock. As a small web company, I had to find a way to integrate my services to the Wix platform and offer packages to help clients who are, overall, new to web design. I can look at companies, like Wix, as both competitor and resource. I appreciate the article, Perhaps you can look into “The Grid” automated web design.

  2. Wow. The Wix interface is easy to use especially for non-web developers. Yes. It can be considered as a competition for web designers and developers. And it is consistently expanding as well.

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