What Your Business Can Learn From Leggings Made of Plastic Bottles (Watch)


Think about how many plastic water bottles get thrown out each day. Now think about all the possibilities that could come from innovative minds finding new ways to use all that plastic.

A company called Girlfriend Collective has found one way to do that. The company uses plastic bottles from Taiwan and turns them into leggings. It takes multiple heating processes to break down the clear, BPA-free bottles and turn them into thread. The company also uses eco-friendly dyes and fair trade practices to complete their products.

You can get a pair of these legging for about $70. That might seem like a lot for the bargain shoppers out there. But there are plenty of other brands that sell high-end leggings for well over that price tag. So if even some of the consumers who are willing to shell out more for activewear are concerned about the environment, Girlfriend Collective may just have a winner on its hands.

And that’s one area where some green businesses struggle. Creating eco-friendly products and services is a great thought. But there still has to be a market for those products and services in order for them to succeed.

Don’t Launch Before Analyzing Product Viability

That means the products need to actually be able to compete with others in the market in terms of price, quality, style and other factors. But if a product can hold its own in all of those areas and be eco-friendly on top of that, environmentally conscious consumers are likely to appreciate it.

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  1. Launching without thinking of the competition is a bit useless. It is like creating a product with hopes that it can sell when really it is in no position to sell to begin with.