Big Changes Come to Google Hangouts with Easier Group Chats, More Business Focus

Google is adapting the Hangouts messenger service to make it more suitable for business users with the introduction of streamlined group chat creation.

Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) is adapting the Hangouts messenger service to make it more suitable for business users.

The tech giant has introduced a number of improvements with its latest update, including how users create group chats using the Google Chrome extension, Hangouts and Gmail. The new update greatly simplifies how quickly you can create a group chat, consequently enhancing collaboration.

Streamlined Group Chat Creation

Gmail users will, for instance, notice a new “+” button next to the Hangouts contact list whereas for the Chrome extension or the dedicated Hangouts website there is a “New Conversation” button.

Streamlined Group Chat Creation

Clicking either the “+” or the “New Conversation” allows you to create a new group, rename it and even add new members. Once you have a group, you can also create a short URL link that you can use to invite more members to the team. This makes it absolutely easy to create and start a conversation with your team. It also saves you time as you no longer have to invite one user at a time.

Meanwhile, you can still use Hangouts to call or set up a video conference. Hangouts is also the underlying technology for the Chromebox for Meetings video conferencing platform. The text messaging side, however, is a little less elegant compared to Google’s bespoke Messenger app.

The new group chat feature was definitely designed with business users in mind as it simplifies how quickly people can create conversations for collaborative projects.

The improvements started rolling out in January and they are now available to all Hangouts users.

Image: Google

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