Getting Creative with Job Titles

Temp Business Cartoon

Lately I’ve been doing some teaching at local libraries. I have a few different classes and I’ve found I really enjoy it and really connect with the kids. (I’m basically an overgrown kid, and I run around like a loon, so it’s not a stretch.)

Anyway, I’ve been looking at expanding into schools and while researching it I ran across the term “artist in residence.” Now, I went to school for music, and I tend to hang with a creative crowd so it’s not something I’d never seen, but I hadn’t in a while and it popped out to me.

Well, it didn’t take long inserting other words for this cartoon to present itself.

Looking at it now, I think, maybe the kid should look more smug. Then again his naiveté is kind of fun, too.

What do you think?

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