Here’s How Thryve is Revolutionizing the Health Industry

Thryve is using new and old technologies to help consumers get an accurate reading on their own inner health. It all starts with the Thryve testing kit.

What if there was an easier way to get a comprehensive report on the deep inner workings of your body and its impact on your health? Nowadays, people are far more concerned about living a healthier lifestyle and what they can do on a daily basis. Many companies are offering products that help people more effectively improve their health so that they can live fuller lives.

Thryve is one such company.

Thryve is a newly launched company that helps consumers become more educated on their health and the issues they may be facing through microbiome testing. Using a combination of personal testing, recommendations and future implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Thryve has created a new business model around wellness.

What is the Microbiome?

The microbiome is a collection of genomes of microbes such as bacteria that inhabits any given environment, or microbiota. These microbiomes can be found anywhere, including the human body.

Most of the body’s microbiomes are located in the gut (stomach and intestines). Inside the human gastrointestinal system are a complicated ecosystem of about 300 to 500 bacterial species; in fact, the number of bacteria in the gut is thought to be 10 times that of all of the cells of the human body.

Microbiomes cause many of the health ailments people experience. They can affect several areas of the human body, including:

  • Digestion
  • Immune system
  • Mood
  • Energy consumption

Understanding the impact that microbiomes have on your body is important. That’s why Thryve exists.

How Does It Work?

Thryve helps people become healthier by helping them identify potential areas where microbiomes are affecting them. It’s a novel approach to getting targeted information about your health.

Thryve provides a revolutionary method of collecting the information you need. They do all of the science for you so that you don’t have to make time for a doctor’s visit.

It All Starts With the Thryve Testing Kit

First, you receive the Thryve testing kit. Then, you provide a stool sample and send it back to the company. After this is done, Thryve will analyze the sample and provide you with a detailed report. The great thing about this is that the report is detailed and precise. You won’t have to worry about poring over a complex document that you can hardly understand.

The report will let you know about any specific issues that need to be addressed. They pull from over 3,000 microbiome studies to identify any relevant issues. It will also make recommendations on the steps you can take to alleviate any problems found in the report.

Thryve also allows you to input data that reflects your lifestyle and how it may be impacting your microbiomes. You will be able to see how your diet, supplements, sleep patterns, and other factors influence the microbiomes in your system.

From there, you are sent a monthly supply of premium probiotics with enhanced survivability profile, meaning more of the probiotics survive on its way to the colon. Considering the probiotics industry is $36.6 billion in size, consumers are demanding assurance that the money they spend on probiotics is for products that will work.

Thryve’s testing kit paired with probiotics products is an innovative way to help consumers who don’t know where their health problems originate. They are on the cutting edge of a growing health industry because they are offering an easier way to gain more insight into your overall wellness.

The Lesson

As consumers shift in their taste for both products and the way they are delivered, small businesses must also adapt. The reason why monthly subscription business models are all the rage right now is the simplicity of having products delivered to you automatically, reducing the need for customers to have to purchase something proactively.

By fusing testing of the microbiome with probiotics products, Thryve is blending the best of the subscription business model with health and wellness testing and recommendations. Other small businesses can find unique ways to both package and deliver their products in a way that adds convenience, increases value and improves the lives of their customers.


Thryve is a prime example of a company that has found an easy solution to common problems. By identifying a clear need, they were able to design a product and service that directly addressed that need. Small businesses must keep this in mind if they intend to grow and “thrive.”

Image: Thryve


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  1. If you can get beyond the fact that you’re shipping a stool sample in the mail, this is actually very intriguing. The balance of bacteria in your GI tract has a massive impact on health.

    • Hi Robert,

      Richard here. I’m the CEO of Thryve and we totally agree on your sentiments, the balance of the microbiome is indeed extremely important to one’s health and wellness.

      Although we do collect stool, our method is highly non-invasive. Whereas, traditional collection of stool is done with the entire sample over a hat on the toilet. Thryve’s method only requires a very small sample (half a grain of rice) from the toilet paper. It’s pretty non-icky if I do say so myself :). Otherwise, each customer’s sample is shipped through their outgoing mail in an air-tight collection tube, plastic bag, and sealed return envelope as a human exempt specimen. Essentially, it looks like any other envelope you’d put in your outgoing mail. It’s pretty much a relatively pleasant experience all things considered.


  2. Really interesting. But there is a limit on one can learn if we are just going to depend on what is outside the body. There is a need for further investigation as well.