Green Businesses Find New Uses for Air Pollution (Watch)


Talk about turning a negative into a positive — a company called Graviky Labs has figured out a way to make its own ink out of air pollution.

The company collects pollutants using a device that attaches to the tailpipe of a car. It then removes the heavy metals and carcinogens, which leaves simple pigments that can be turned into inks or paints. According to Graviky Labs, 45 minutes of pollution can make about 30 mililiters of ink.

Given the high levels of air pollution in some cities around the globe, this innovation could represent multiple wins for the business and, of course, for the environment. Finding new ways to use pollutants and other harmful materials is a great way of keeping the air and surroundings a bit cleaner.

And this isn’t the first business to find a new use for air pollution either. Last year, an artist unveiled a smog tower in Beijing that turns air pollution into jewelry.

Turning Pollution Into Products Is Green and Profitable

So if these businesses can serve as an example for other entrepreneurs who then find their own ways to recycle pollutants into useful items, it could lead to even more positive progress for the environment.

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  1. This means that pollution is not waste if used the right way. This is amazing. You can turn something bad into something beautiful. Amazing.